Dos & don’ts of wedding guest dressing

Jenny Mullan

Summer has arrived, which means that wedding season is in full swing. This year, earn yourself the title of best dressed guest, thanks to our guide of dos and don’ts for a stylish affair.

Do dress up

A wedding is definitely an occasion to go all out! Two people have asked you to witness their wedding vows and there will be a formal sit-down meal, so your choice of attire deserves some attention. The day will be filled with laughter and photos so choose an outfit which you love.

Don’t wear white

While there are some brides who won’t mind if you do, in keeping with tradition, and to avoid offending anyone, it’s best to steer clear of white and creams and ivories too. Thankfully the summer season is all about colour and there are endless options available to help you find your perfect look.

Do show a little romance

If there’s one thing a wedding calls for, it’s romance. It’s a celebration of love and the perfect time to allow your clothing choice to reflect this. Lace, floral and pops of colour are perfect for a wedding day.

Don’t forget your dancing shoes

When putting together an outfit for a wedding, take into consideration your entire look and choose footwear which perfectly compliments it. As a wedding guest you’ll spend much of the day on your feet (and the dance floor) so your shoes should perfectly bridge the gap between chicness and comfort. If you aren’t comfortable wearing sky-high stilettos safer options such as wedges, block heels or even cute ballet pumps are perfect. If you do opt for heels, pop a pair of stylish pumps into your handbag for later.

Do consider your outerwear

While your focus will most likely be on finding the perfect dress don’t neglect your outerwear. Even in summer, the weather can be chilly, and so a cover up is essential. Luckily there are endless fashionable options available and our favourite will always be the versatile kimono.



Don’t forget to dress for your style and shape

When choosing your attire, consider your body shape and which silhouette of dress will flatter it the most. At Ariana, our summer collection includes a range of styles, from A-line to bodycon to help you easily find your perfect silhouette.

It’s also important to dress for your own personal style. If you don’t normally wear dresses, and wouldn’t feel comfortable in one, chic trousers and a matching top can look just as elegant as a dress.


Do try on your head-to-toe look

Often, we have have a vision in mind, but in reality, when we try an entire outfit on, it isn’t the same. To avoid this, try your complete outfit on, including your accessories to gain a perspective of how it’ll look. That way, there won’t be any surprises and panic shopping on the day of the wedding.

Don’t wear anything uncomfortable

Being confident in your choice of clothing goes hand-in-hand with being comfortable, so avoid wearing anything which is ill-fitting or is one step away from being a wardrobe malfunction. You’ll only spend the day pulling up your strapless dress or feeling uncomfortable in a dress that’s too tight.

Do be mindful of dress codes

While the majority of brides and grooms won’t stipulate a dress code, if they do, adhere to it. If no dress code is advised, you can usually gage how dressy a wedding will be, based on the venue. Beach weddings, for example are usually cocktail or dressy casual, while a ballroom wedding calls for black tie clothing.

Don’t wear black

Although not a hard a fast rule, weddings usually aren’t the place for that little black dress. A joyous celebration, pull out a little colour for the occasion.

If you are attending a wedding this season, the Ariana Clothing summer collection has everything you need to earn yourself the title of best dressed guest. Shop online here.

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